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>> a parent inside of the school at the time said she believed 100 rounds had been fired. the first 911 call came at around 9:30. police began a search for the gunman. >> they were police with rifles and handguns. the,ám
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police can verify the shooter had no prior record. >> cornell, thank you. a tearful president obama addressed the nation this afternoon. >> he expressed pro found sadness and offered deepest condolences to the families of the victims. >> the majority of those who died today were children.
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and... beautiful little kids between ages of five and 10 years old.lj29q them. birthdays, graduations, weddings. kids are gone. so our hearts are broken today. this evening, michelle and i will do what i know every parent in america will do. which is hug our children a little tighter and we'll tell them we love them. and we'll remind each other how deeply we love one another. but there are families in connecticut who cannot do that tonight. and they need all of us right now. in the hard days to come the community needs us to be at our best as americans ask i will do everything in my power as president to help. >> the president ordered flags to be lowered to half staff in
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honor of the victims. he said america has endured too many tragedies and says meaningful action needs to be taken to prevent incidents like it regardless of the politic autos abc 7 news viewers expressing condolences to those touched by the tragedy on our face book page, we invite to you share your thoughts. >> but it's very difficult to express with words how devastating this tragedy is. >> yes. wayne freedman shows us the moments of raw emotion today, between headlines. >> this is the day when the names sandy hook elementary school and newtown, connecticut changed forever. once obscure, they're now infamous. >> like you, you know, you read it in the paper and see it in the news, you're like, oh, my god, then, you heard something happened close to home. it's like... i think i'm still in shock. >> but relieved shock as difficult as this story is too believe, imagine living it. learning your child's fate in bits and pieces.
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>> my neighbor heard gunshots. and then, i just said to her don't worry. she said no. i called the school, no one answered. >> someone came into the room and shotju4u a teacher. that is all i know. sorry. >> i just heard the principal was shot and killed. i heard kids were shot. i -- a teacher, miss ham ons was shotted. >> they waited. fearful parents and children. >> there were three children that came out. one was, had a very bloody face, it was very violent scene z there are two other ones that they were you know, they were in the arms of the state trooper. they did not move. their face was very pale. and it was very tragic it will remain so, this won't be easy. >> it's going to be one of the things they're trying to understand what happens wh. we tell them what happened in details i think it's going to make it worse. >> in the united states we
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focus on the issue that's divide us, then, this comes along. and here, 3,000 miles away, we're touched as if it happened next door rmtze< in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> some bay area schools are taking precautions today this, is video from sky 7 in oakland over lockwood elementary school in response, the oakland police department made school officers available at any campus that wanted extra coverage. officers are assigned to six campuses in the district. >> california superintendent of schools released this statement today. this morning's shooting is a terrible, senseless@3rrm traged. our grief is deeper when thinking of the innocence of lives lost and efforts of teachers and school leaders to protect them. our hearts go out to victims, families and school community its affecting communities across the nation. at 4:30 abc 7 news reporter laura anthony will tell whaus
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bay area schools are doing to reach out to parents, children and staff. we'll be joined by a psychology professor from santa clara university talking about how i community deal was this trauma, and how parents should talk to their kids about violence. >> one of the deadliest elementary school shootings happened in 1989 in stockton. five children killed and 29 others wounded. the gunman then shot and killed himself. seven people were kill at oikos university. the gunman is undergoing a skrik evaluation. in february, three students killed two, wounded in ohio. students waited for buses to the school. the 17-year-old gunman is being charged as an adult there. the deadliest school shooting happened in 2007. that was at virginia tech. the gunman there killed 32 people, then shot and killed himself. and we remember in 1999 at columbine high school, two students opened firing,
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killing 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves. 26 others were wounded. >> it's been a harrowing scene in newtown, connecticut all day. we're also hearing life saving stories. >> abc fwhus reporter mark glennblatt joins frus sandy hook elementary school with more. >> we have new information. sources now telling us that this rampage all began at the mother -- the gunman's mother's home, he went there, apparently pulled out a gun, shot her in the face, then went over to sandy hook elementary school with a bulletproof vest on, pulling out another gun and began can z.continue that had rampage there, firing at any young child cosee. we're hearing that the gunshots began after some kind of an altercation at theky,g school with the principal at that school this, is really turned out to be an almost unfathomable tragedy for this very, very peaceful town in western connecticut. >> now, we've been hearing
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reports of just how heroic some teachers were, locking kids in bathrooms. what can you talk to bus that? and what unfolded during this tragedy? >> if there is positive silver lining to this this, is one story. we're hearing how one teacher heard the shots ringing into the air and she needly reacted, instincts kicked in and she started getting everyone of the children into a small bathroom located inside of her classroom. in order to fit the kids into the bathroom she had to pile some on top of each other and on top of a toilet z now, of course, we know she probably saved all of the lives.,.zmp >> mark, thank you for your time. as this tragedy unfolds and we learn more about this, stay with us for continuing coverage. you can receive updates on your smart phone byñda down loading our free abc 7 news app. >> we'll continue to
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postulatest information on abc 7 and also updating our facebook page, 7 news and on twitter. we'll have continuing coverage of the tragedy throughout the newscast. >> police following up on leads after the threats that forced a shut down two of schools there yesterday. >> the threats were spray painted in several south bay schools. >> you won't see a difference this morning outside of the school in cupertino. but you can hear it. >> this teacher got the threat. he's safe. >> she's referring to the high schoolteacher whose name was included in this bomb threat fall on the wall at lynn brook high school in san jose. we've obscured a name to protect his identity. now, we're learning of almost identical bomb threats at two other cupertino schools yesterday. the high school, and kennedy middle school around the
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corner. >> there is more than one graffiti done that was discovered yesterday. >> the same teacher? >> yes. >> the threat led to a shut down of monte vista high next door. the campus was searched, nothing found. investigators say there may be more than one suspect and there is more than one lead. >> our detectives and deputies have been working around the clock on several leads and we have been getting more tips since last night. >> this reaction fromjp8oj a far and son this morning. >> still pretty comfortable. they seem to have a pretty good handle yesterday. >> i feel comfortable. i know there is not a bomb here. and am pretty sure police have a good handle onjj& it. >> the sheriff has deputies here on the monte vista high school campus as well as a couple at the home of the teacher mentioned in the bomb threats.
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>> all right. it's time to check on the weather. >> here is sandhya patel in for spencer christian. >> we have some rain as you look at live dop doppler 7 hd. it's increasing in coverage. radar is watching moisture, moderate rainfall around highway 35. most of this is falling in the santa cruz mountains some of it reached south bai. i want to show you light rain now in san jose. oakland road, you'll notice there, allen rock head out towards the each bay aroun$&x/m union city. we're seeing rainfall. and as we pull out here, there are spotty sprinkles, showers, out towards san francisco up towards north bay we go. there is our radar beam. i'll let you know if our own radar will be tracking more rain over the wheekd i come back. ama? larry? >> thank you. we do have continuing coverage
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of the school tragedy. these are live pictures from newtown, connecticut. now, people are inside of the church gathering for a vigil to remember the victims. >> also, investigators looking into a massive fire destroying a fremont plant what. workers are being told sewed. >> michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them here live a little bit later, you can contact michael on and on twitter. m finney. >> at 4:13, taking a look at friday afternoon commute. s directions. at the skyway in downtown san francisco, leftx,wjm to right heading towards bay bridge, and also, very, very slow heading southbound if you're heading towards the peninsula. stay with us, more still
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we intraeking news. you can see accident scene right here, three killed in an auto accident this, is in san mateo county. we're told redwood city on northbound 280. and boy, you can see two vehicles mangled tlchl the chp says one driver was changing a tire in the center divide. they were struck by a car. as you can see, you've got emergency personnel on the scene trying to get this sorted out. traffic restricted to one lane in that direction z we'll continue to monitor the story and will bring details as they become available to us. here on abc 7 news. you can see traffic backed up this is going to take a while to clear awi. >> police closed a terminal after a man was shot this afternoon. >> pleel plees tell us it
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happened just before 1:00. sky 7 was over the scene. tosd out of a sedan and shot the a guard gave the victim first aid. the victim taken to marin county general hospital. and the terminal should reopen in about an hour. >> this is determining 373 years to life in state prison. a crime he's committed. >> that is the sentence handed down just over an hour ago as the man known as the mission rapist. he got 373 years to life for raping three women along san francisco 24th street corridor last year. his family stormed out of the courtroom after the sent yengs was read. one victim cried as she spoke in front of dozer. the judge says he showed no remorse as she head
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the -- read the sentence. >> pleasanton police department released this surveillance fot yof a suspect want forward a crime spree targeting four drug stores in just 36 hours starting ons wednesday, the last one yesterday afternoon at dublin safeway drug store. this suspect described as roughly five eight, 180 pounds, a white male. in all, four of the cases he gave a clerk a note saying he was armed and wanted drugs. he was foiled in all but the last attempt. >> this fire destroyed a machinery shop yesterday. today, more than 50 workers are wondering when, and if, they'll get back to work.rzlñ >> c and h enter prizes maids made parts. owners now wonder when they'll be able to honor krachblgts workers wonder what the
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holiday season will be like now they're out of a job. investigators posted a danger sign on the building today, the building is uninhabitable. the future of the business, unknown, workers gathered to find out when, and if, they'll get back on the job. the manager says think the have contracts to honor. >> we have customer that's need parts. >> most parents destroyed in the fire. the blaze started without warning at 1:45 thursday, flames reaching as high as 50 feet. black smoke billowed out into the hills, investigators combed through debris, trying to determine how it started. the deputy fire marshal says the fire was accidental. >> a molten piece of material getting into a part of the exhaust system igniting a fire. >> the fire spread through the roof. many of the more than 50 workers looking forwards to the holidays wonder when they might get back to work.
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>> you worry about the future of the company. what is going to happen. how we're going to move forward. >> many depressed and reluctant to talk. they're told yorns were looking for another site. and that pay would continue throughout the holidays but that won't be certain until an insurance company weighs in. >> this is wages into -- until we, we don't know what they're going to do. >> managers tell us owners found buildings they can lease to try to get back to production as soon as possible but first they're going to have to replace thor than $1 million worth of machinery destroyed during this fire. live in fremont abc 7 news. >> thank you for the update. >> looking ahead to the weekend weather forecast now and sandhya pat jell in. >> yes. looks like you're going to need umbrellas hitting the weekend but not a wash jou. so i'll pinpoint when you're going to need umbrellas now. a live picture you'll see what
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it looks like from our camera. there is a ray or two of hope for a nice weekend. you can see sun sun trying to poke through clouds. we do have rain drops right now. the light rain has been increasing in coverage all afternoon. so our computer models painted a chance of rain this afternoon. as mentioned most of it has been light. you'll notice it's out towards the east bay. and livermore valley down towards south bay that. is where concentration is. san jose now, kertner avenue, scott boulevard we're getting some light rainfall towards tully road and more moderate in intensity around santa cruz mountains and boulder creek. and as you look at the east bay, paseo padre parkway, union bridge, fremont, we're getting some light rainfall.
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north bay a couple hundredths of an inch. temperatures up there, it's chilly, upper 40s to low 50s at this hour, exactly what is expected. chilly conditions, cold, wet tomorrow. and a few morning showers for sunday and the rest of the sunday looking just fine. checking out the system that is producing light rainfall. it's just skirting the coastline. there is enough moisture thatj'ñ we're squeezing out showers. next weak system comes through here saturday. so... make sure have you a coat or a jacket foirs thing in the morning and umbrellas. you'll notice rain arriving and it will be light, spread big afternoon. everyone is getting some light rainfall at 1:00 p.m. could seeohñ rain-snow mix arod the lake county area. we've had snow flurries around mount hamilton today. just over 4,000 feet.
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we'll see possibly another round, sunday morning showers and it's pretty much done saturday looks like wetter of the two days, rainfall totals throughout sunday evening a tenth to a third of an inch in the north bay. up to a four-tenths of an inch. peninsula, 5/100ths to 15/100ths. trace amounts to 5/100ths in the south bay. santa cruz mountains could see up to a quarter inch of rain. tonight it will be a little bit higher in terms of temperatures. but still, komd, not down to 30, 31 like this morning 34 in napa. 34 in santa rosa. mid-30s concord, livermore, 38 in san jose. upper 30s fremont and palo alto. so bundle up in the morning. you can see snow, low 50 as cross the rest of the region. and upper 40s to low 50s,
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chill with us throughout the weekend. the rest of the sunday is nine. more rain monday, tuesday, then, we can get a break wins, possibly dropping thursday. chance of rain into friday. now, computer model not look sog wet in terms of the intensity forms. and that is about it we're going to take another look in connecticut now this, is where' vigil is beginning to take place this morning this, is inside of a church there. many gathered to remember those that were killed in this tragedy today. we'll have more for you coming up and we'll hear from more witnesses. >> we have a look. these are pictures sky 7 hd. a car accident claimed lives of the three people this, is taking place in northbound 280, north of edgewoods roo.d you can see traffic has been
4:24 pm
restricted down to one lane there. the back up will stretch for quite a distance, we'll continue to follow this story, bringing you more details as
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we thought they were
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police officers out of the door trying to find the guy. and the gym teacher directed us to stay against the wall.czd and everybody started to kind of panic. >> doesn't seem rile. it just does not seem like it's possible. >> yes. those are the words from students and parents of the connecticut school shootings. our coverage will continue in just a moment. >> a texas family is blasting airport security screeners in dallas fort worth airport for the treatment of their 12-year-old daughter who is disabled. >> it's okay. we're going get you on your way. >> that was the voice of a tsa screener talking to shelby. the overwhelmed little girl detained after the tsa claimed she tested positive for explosives. her mom ordered to keep back and not allowed to comfort her crying daughter for the hour it took him to call bomb experts in. >> i am by no means undermining our safety in the
4:28 pm
air. after september 11thá÷x-ç, by no means am i doing that. when i comes to children common sense isn't in a textbook. >> they went down each finger. >> screeners say they detected explosive residue on her hands. her family believes it came from fertilizer on their farm. her mom says the tsa never tested the wheelchair. the tsa says it understands concerns by stands by actions. >> and we have more coverage ahead on td deadly shooting in connecticut. >> a gunman opened fire in an elementary school, killing nearly 30 people, most victims are young children. >> these are pictures from a church. a vigil is underway now. you can see a lot of people there in the background, students, teachers and parents all remembering those that were killed today. >> coming up, we'll have advice for parents on how they can talk to their kids about the violence they see on television. alsoy@q... >> and we'll find out what
4:29 pm
school officials are telling their teachers and students about this tragedy. in union city, i'll have a live report. >> pg&e says once again, inspections that should have been done, were not, maybe they weren't. this team in -- time in it's
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>> we're going to carry this around forever, the town will never be the same. >> an unspeakable tragedy in a school in the connecticut town. a gunman kills 26 people, 20 children in the second worst mass shooting in u.s. history in newtown, a middle class community 60 miles outside of new york sti we have new information on the gunman in this shool shooting. >> yes. we're getting a first look at the gunman tonight. we sponsible for the connecticut school massacre this, is adam lanz yachl the 20-year-old police say gunned down 26 people teed in an elementary school in newtown before killing himself. 20 of the victims were children. police say weapons were purchased legally registered to his mother, nancy killed at her home in newtown. we have new video of the
4:33 pm
shooter's brother, ryan lanza being detained for question in new jersey. he's under arrest. officials say he has been cooperative. police say ryan lanza has no connection to the shootings today and says he has not been in touch with his brother, adam for several years. that is the latest live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> not a suspect but appeared to be in handcuffs there. >> schools around the bay area doing their part to try to keep p help students, as well as parents and staff deal with the tragedy. >>. >> yes. hi. at this high school, this school district that school districts around the bay area, e mail goings out almost immediately. leters crafted to go home to parents and notify teachers about what they should do almost immediately after we knew about this shooting. here school officials concentrated efforts on middle school and high school figuring that the older
4:34 pm
students were going to learn about the shooting first through social media ask took phone calls from parents. by the time the news was out about the shooting in a connecticut elementary school, most students were in class giving time to figure out a strad ji and a message. >> we have had calls from parents want tok come, pick up their children at the school which is understandable. and we don't encourage that sort of thing we don't discourage it. >> in union city, new haven school district officials dispatched members of the crisis team to various sites. >> we're not hearing a lot from the kids right now. >> this psychologist went to logan high school, figuring older kids would learn about the shooting through social immediata, helping craft an e mail to go out to staff and848a3 teachers. >> what so look for in students that might have a big
4:35 pm
impact on. when to refer them for services. >> in oakland, a spokesman avs his office was getting calls mostly from adults, teachers and parents wanting advises on how to deliver the news and answer question autos part that have is giving them the information without drama tiesing z you present the information impress upon them that they have, as a child have many people looking out for them. >> one'g&1p district that crafta letter fr students in march are planning as it turns out theirs first active ever shooter drill with the police department. it's timely given today's events but one concern is how do you conduct a drill like that and explain it to the students without traumatizing them with a scenario supposed to be image nairy?
4:36 pm
we'll have more on that tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00 in union city, abc 7 news. >> that is an excellent question. we do have more now about how parents should talk to their children about the violence and images they're seeing on tv today. >> in this saturday difficult situation today. >> it s nick, these[5cgs days is hard to escape it with tv, internet, everything. children have access to everything. how do you begin to talk to your kids tonight about what happened? >> the first thing to do is recognize what is going on inside of yourself, kids model how parents are reacting. if you feel anxious, scared, the first step is to calm yourself, work through what you can before talking to them. second step is to begin to listen to them. and fully listen, try not to jump in too quickly to fix the situation. third thing is÷sá emphasize and
4:37 pm
normalize reactions whether it's fear, or anger, be there, be able to listen to what is going on for them. and last thing, explain what is going on to them in a way they can hear it. whether younger, older. try to as best you can recognize schools are generally say safe. these are rare instances, tragic as they are. and expect a delayed reaction, kids will have a reaction sometimes a week two, weeks or a year or two later if they're hearing bit in schools. >> that community in newtown is never going to be the same.xñ we're some distance away. but how about for those parents? that are grieving or saw their kids friends will no longer be
4:38 pm
coming home? >> i don't think there is anything that can prepare you for something like that. there is a period of shock that is normal the thing people can do that is most helpful is just be there. it sounds simple but not easy when you want to help as best you can. being present and available to the folks there is critical. and to use compassion or frustration to have a dialogue around what are the cause asks things we can do to prevent this? mental health issues or accessibility to weapons and have, it's time to have a more national dialogue on these concerns. >> that is a conversation that is necessary. >> abc 7 news is producing a special hour long edition of world news with diane sawyer will air at 5:30, right after abc 7 news at 5:00.
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we'll bring you a special half hour edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> coming up next, here on abc 7 news at 4:00 dozens of firefighters on the job. new graduates of the fú1f8 fighter academy. >> i'm sandhya patel. we'll get this shot from our camera. we have sun, and light showers on live doppler 7. and... rain could be impacting weekend plans i'll have details coming up. >> breaking news in redwood city. sky 7 is live over over a car scent that left three people dead on northbound551v 280 north of edgewood road. of edgewood road. and it's trying -- tying up
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and... take care of them, you know?
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i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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fire department graduated in its 146 years histry. 48 recruits took the oath following a 17 week course. the chief then pinned badges on the new firefighters. some of who will report to work tomorrow. the new firefighters left careers in education, medical field and police force to join the department. >> ready for the san francisco fire department it's a dream come true for me. you can help and serve the community. help people.
4:43 pm
>> san francisco now has about 1500 firefighters. the fire department has another academy set for next year, may schedule a second one in 2013 just to try to keep up with retirement autos looking into the forecast, i just took a glimpse over your shoulder there and there is a beautiful sunset. >> yes. don't be so bleak, larry. this is kind of matching his personality. >> oh! >> westntg have our own radar on mount st. helena. we've been picking up rain increasing in coverage all afternoon long. we go into the south bay, story road, highway 101, snell avenue, we're getting light rainfall now. there is confirmation from viewers campbell, livermore saying rain drops now, light
4:44 pm
rain is more moderate heading out towards east bay. you'll notice around fremont headsing towards mission boulevard, light rainfall here, very light sprinkles showing up across the bridge heading into union city. if you're traveling snow, 48 in chico is going to be cold. snow redeveloping tomorrow night. it's leading up to tahoe, 62 in los angeles, highs for saturday, you'll)/ñ see that temperatures will be chilly mid-40s to low 50s, light rain, carrying umbrellas make sure have you a jacket or coat. >> on a day like today, any kind of laughter is welcome, really. >> thank you. >> our coverage of today's tragedy in connecticut continues here on abc 7 news, we'll continue to bring you updates throughout the evening as information becomes available. gis
4:45 pm
into full gear, what about returns? is it legal to only offer score credits? i've got
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4:47 pm
a breaking news coverage tragic shooting
4:48 pm
continues. 26 people, including 20 children were kill bid a gunman who went on a rampage yaij in newtown, connecticut. the gunman identified as adam lanza opened fire insifd a school. authorities now saying he killed his mother, nancy%dqq laa inside of her home before going to a we now know lanza was armed with two semi automatic handguns and a rifle. it appears he dies from a self inflicted gunshot. the gunman's brother, ryan taken into custody and question bid officers he is not a suspect in this shooting. authorities say he'sdbbhó cooperating fully. stay with us for updates on this breaking story. >> we're going turn to consumer news now, michael finney is here answering questions sent through facebook and twitter and e mail x our first question comes from scott who e mailed how legitimate are the claims
4:49 pm
subscriptions? do they benefit from sign ups? going to be a -- for a local newspaper thenreñ have id from the newspaper and a sign up sheet from that newspaper then they're probably pretty legit. they may not be actually winning a trip to disneyland as we were told so-to-say when ways a kid, we did not say that. we told sold our subscriptions straight up. onces you see kids wandering street3íkcs, a lot of them arent from the bay area, they've been bused here, be careful with them, don't open the door to hem. they bring me a lot of concern well. see them down on the embarcadero. these poor kids, you wonder where are they from? >> next question comes from suzy g. asking i tried to return items to a store and was told i can only have store credit. the sales clerk said policy!7çis on the register, nothing on
4:50 pm
the receipt. is that sflel. >> yes. it s receipt isn't a legal way of letting you know stle. to let you know what return and exchange policy is before you make purchases so they have to have a sign on the register. here is the basic rule in the state of california they are to accept a return or exchange for seven days and unless they post rules, the rules can be anything. they can be crazy. it would be pat your head and rub your stomach before giving you a rush return. they can makeup rules if they post it but they've got to post it. >> and one asked i'd like to know what sites are addresses are available for letters and holiday cards to the elderly. >> nice thing to do. i assume you're talking about cards and post cards and holiday greetings for those who probably won't receive them otherwise. there is probably a lot of charities around the bay area. let me show twou that i know
4:51 pm
of for sure. catholic charities, aging services they have a program, jewish family children services, they have a program called seniors at home. both of them would be happy to get cards from you. there is going to be passed on to them. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00 new questions about pg&e poll skpiz why thousands of underground enclou shurz magaciñ not have been proper magaciñ not have been proper insp you know how much grandma
4:52 pm
wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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p good and e has to answer questions about more lapses in maintenance and inspections. abc 7 news reports. >> this video shows what they call an underground enclou sure norkt a vault fitting two people, the ensure yours require only one inspector. over two years, pg&e had to reinspect thousands of them after finding out some employees and contractors never opened them as legally required every three years. the first round was done last year. >> we reinspected every
4:55 pm
facility that was inspected in 2010 and 2011. about 26,000 facilities. ñtarted requiring inspectors to leave behind a verification tag inside. this year, lifting tags pointed to more gift inspecks. dozens of employees have been fired or suspended. >> we've also added 48 inspectors employees so more sources are employees. >> it's not just a problem isolated to underground trance formers or gas leaks or pipes. it goes through the company. >> the attorney got an undisclosed settlement for lisa nash, badly burned when a pg&eit( explode into flames up through a sidewalk in 2005. the utility said proper maintenance had been done there. he doesn't believe it management is rewarded for making money, quarter by quarter. make money.
4:56 pm
and going around and inspecting vaults or finding leaks or ripping up old pipe snot how they make money. >> cpuc cited pg&e but not fined them. >> all right. thank you. and thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00 i'm larry beil. ay minder about the app that is available for free. you can down load it for free and it's available on google play. it's still vibl if you have an iphone. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with ama and dan. >> thank you. a nation in grief. innocent children are killed in a school shooting tonight. we're learning about the gunman's kecks to the÷ >> and a school shooting in northern california over 20 years ago that. led to some of the toughest gun control laws in the nation.
4:57 pm
>> so our hearts are broken today for the parents, and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children. >> the president consoles the nation dealing with unbelievable grief tonight after 20 young children are killed at school by a gunman whose mother we now know was a teacher there. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daettz it happened in newtown, connecticut ban hour into the school day. >> 28 people are dead including the gunman. tonight they've taken the gunman's brother in custody for questioning. at this moment they do not believe the brother was involved nor the father. but, they're questioning them as they try to piece together what happened in connecticut this tragic morning. abc 7 news reporter mark greenblatt is there. >> evil.
4:58 pm
visited this community today. >> numbers staggering. at least 37 people shot dead. many young dmirn a newtown, connecticut element trailer school. police got the first 911 call at 9:40 in the morning and dispatched emergency units to the school. locking down everything in the area. many students were trapped in the classroomment. >> i sid sed i need to know i love you all very much. and that it's going to be okay. i thought that was the last thing they're going to hear. i thought we were going to die. >> this 9-year-old heard gunshots during her art class. >> police came. and we heard it over loud speaker autos this 4th grader was in gym class. >> police came in. it's like... is he in here? then ran out. our teachers, someone yelled get to a safe place. >> his father relieved his son is okay. >> it's terrifying. it i'm still in shock. >> shock that is so many are
4:59 pm
now dead. many children were led out of the school with hands up, the shooter is deceased inside of the building. >> the gunman mother was among the dead. the shoot sgt worst shooting in u.s. elementary school in recent memory. president obama addressed the nation late in the afternoon. >> as a country we've been through this too many times. and we're going have to come together and make meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this. regardless of the politics. >> authorities say the gunman took his own life in the shooting and there are some heroic stories like a teacher shepherded everyone of her put something on top of a toil oit yit in order to shield them in an hour when they should have been learning their arithmetic. >> thank you, mark. sheer what we know about the gunman. 20-year-old adam lanza opened nir sandy hook elementary school. 28 people are dead, including

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